Repair for SubZero Refrigerators, wine coolers, freezer

How to fix your SubZero when the back of your refrigerator is freezing.

Do you have ice accumulating in the back of your refrigerator?  Not cooling?

Check your refrigerant pressure. Often times to compensate for the lack of coolant in the system, the unit works overtime & ice will build on the back wall of the the SubZero Model.

If you are super low on refrigerant, you can be sure there is a leak in your system, typically your evaporator is to blame.

  1. You’ll want to unplug your unit, take the cover off the motor area. Check your refrigerant pressure.
  2. if it’s low, you’ll want to test your evaporator for leaks.
  3. Once you’ve bled the line and reclaimed the remaining coolant, you’re ready to replace the evaporator.
  4. We suggest you call out an experienced SubZero repair service for evaporator replacements. In addition to the specialized tools and gauges required, you want to make sure the job is done correctly so you don’t break something else.